Goya has over 30 years of experience dedicated to providing promotional gift products to distributors and professionals around the world.

Why choose Goya?

Our customers are the ones who decide what products we have in our Catalog, the attention they need, service, terms and prices.

For Goya, this is the true differentiation we have with the rest of the Market; think for and for the CLIENT.

This means that your relationship with GOYA must be an Experience, not a simple "transaction", and the Experience must be satisfactory, complete and enriching.

Therefore, there is nothing more satisfactory than asking them, listening to them and transferring their needs to our Catalog. This is the only way to be able to grow and endure: listening.

Services, increasingly necessary, better lasting marking techniques, shorter deadlines, better Web page, Showroom prepared to serve our customers and their final customers, ultimately, help you in your work, and make it easy.

Goya is committed to its mission, vision and values.


We focus on the challenges of the market, our customers, and their needs, providing excellent products and services, in order to create maximum value.


Make the PTO market (Advertising through the Object), a Market respected for its Products, being these the same Style, Innovation, Trend, Quality and Function as the retail market.


The customer comes first

Goya works with the purpose of serving customers, whose demands are the drivers of our development. In this way, we are continuously creating long-term value to respond to the needs and requirements of our customers. Our success is based on the success of our customers.


Thanks to our daily dedication and more than 30 years in the sector, we have earned the respect and trust of our customers. For this, from Goya we value the contributions of our employees and put all our effort to create value for our customers and thus improve our capabilities.

Continuous improvement

GOYA is characterized by listening and being constantly learning, this makes us work to improve in all aspects. We believe that continuous improvement is necessary in order to become better partners for our customers, to improve our company and to grow as individuals.

Opening and initiative

Driven by the needs of the client, we are passionate about innovating, always thinking about the client in an open manner. We believe that business success is the ultimate measure of the value of any improvement in technology, product, solution or process.


Integrity is our most valuable asset. Our ultimate goal is to gain the trust and respect of our customers, which leads us to behave honestly and keeping our promises.


The dynamic environment of Goya and the team that works in it are two important assets to be able to lay the foundations for success, in which teamwork is essential. By working closely, we allow cross-cultural collaboration, effective cooperation between departments and efficient processes.