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There are gifts that are for oneself, for the people we care about, and there are gifts that are for them and FOR THE GLOBE

"For The Globe" is the new collection that consists of the presentation of environmentally friendly products, the aim of which is to achieve the best version of For The Globe. This is the first time that we have initiated a project as solidary as this one and we have looked for the best way to carry it out, which is to make the decisions hand in hand with our customers. This collection presents a range of products belonging to our best sellers and, in addition to respecting the environment in the search for a better world, a percentage of the profits from our sales will go to one of the four causes of the buyer's choice.These four causes consist of four NGOs that thiscollaboration will support,covering different types of aid:from the fight against cancerto the reforestation of forests.Therefore, this collaboration goes one step further in our commitment to the world and that of our customers, who accompany us.

All products in the "For the globe" collection are accompanied by a customisable label in various sizes that is a sincere thank you for helping us make this dream come true. The label is personalised with your own logo thanking you for being part of this initiative and is accompanied by an explanation of the campaign. Just by choosing these products we are helping 4 NGOs with invaluable work, and we are creating a FOR THE GLOBE community, all together. Everyone's priorities have changed, including ours, after this pandemic. We hope that the "For the Globe" labels will be extended to more and more items, to more and more initiatives.

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La recherche d'un monde meilleur

We are convinced of the importance of collaboration with the various NGOs that exist, in fulfilling their mission and broadening the impact of our work. Sharing capacities, resources, skills and knowledge is very important to achieve objectives that contribute to improving people's lives. Working together for development means creating stable links and developing joint strategies to achieve lasting impact. We see the partnership with NGOs as a strategic alliance, based on as a strategic alliance, which is based on mutual cooperation and collaborative relationships and in which each party achieves its objectives while respecting people and their rights.


Tree Nation

tree nation

It involves planting trees and, as a result, offsetting CO2 emissions. With this partnership, every time you plant a tree, Tree Nation calculates the amount of CO2 you are offsetting so you can track your impact. In addition, there are more than 300 species to choose from to plant: from baobabs and cocoa trees to bizarre or majestic trees. The specifics of each species are well documented so you can learn about the benefits they bring to local communities and the environment. to the local communities and the environment and choose the ones you feel are best suited to your needs.

The Ocean Clean Up

Ocean clean up

Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic enter the oceans, most of which spills out of rivers.A portion of this plastic travels as ocean litter, becoming trapped in circulating currents. If no action is taken, plastic will increasingly affect our ecosystems, health and economies. This is where Ocean Clean Up comes in. Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organisation that develops advanced technologies to remove plastic from the oceans. Collaborate with them in order to support and help this cause.



With your contribution we can change #LAOTRACARADELAMONEDA, that of the most vulnerable patients who see how cancer worsens their economic situation. So the fight against cancer is everyone's business. One in two men and one in three women will suffer from cancer. Given this, we have the opportunity to make an impact in this environment by helping to reduce Spain's number one social and health problem, cancer, and we do not stand idly by. Together with the AECC, we are tackling cancer in a comprehensive way, improving the present and investing in the future of society.

Banco de alimentos

Banco de alimentos

The aim of the Banco de Alimentos is to recover surplus food in perfect conditions for consumption and redistribute it free of charge through charities to disadvantaged people. In this way, as well as avoiding the misuse of food, it also fights against waste and helps the environment. This is where we come in to collaborate with this important cause. Furthermore, it is estimated that in Spain 7.7 million tonnes of food go to waste every year, while there are unacceptable pockets of poverty that need food aid. Observing these facts gave rise to the desire to fight against this unjust situation. The possibility of tackling these problems by being part of a "team" together with the Banco de Alimentos is very enriching.

Be the change you want for the world. Be For The Globe.