• How can I become a client?
    You may send your first order along with a document proving the object of your company’s activity along with all your contact information to comercial@ggoya.com
  • If you are already, a customer you can request as many samples as you need, invoice the amount of these desired samples as well as the necessary transport and does it!
  • If you are already a customer, you can request it directly on the web as any other kind of product. If you are not a client request it to comercial@ggoya.com attaching IAE or model 036 of the Tax Agency, showing the section where the heading in which the company is registered
  • Just as you can see the stocks on the website, you can check it up upcoming merchandising arrivals, if there are new merchandise entries, both quantity and expected date of reception.
  • Orders with NO printed items received before 5 pm can be dispatched on the same day, provided the payment method is deferred or if the payment method is in advance and payment is made by credit card.

    For orders containing printed items, the terms vary according to the printing technique, the most common are:

    • For serygraphy/tampography: 7-10 workables days from BAT approval
    • For Laser/Digital: 5 days from BT approval
    • Sublimation:  5 days from BAT approval
    • Hats: 15 workable days from BAT approval
  • Yes you do. Using the Fast Print option, we will send it in 3 natural days from BAT approval.
  • You can visualize the costs of printing by your own: Choose the article, the technique and the specific quantity and you will get it -if you have any doubts doing it, please do not hesitate to contact us.