Make it Europe

We have invested a lot so that the experience of personalization of our clients is intense and quality.

To the point that we offer the possibility of "Europeanizing" top seller products by manufacturing them locally. Just choose the model and design and in addition to achieving such important customization, the product will carry the added value and valued by customers with the label "MADE IN EUROPE"

From the platforms where you can imagine your customization as if it were real, even the most refined execution techniques. We know there is nothing like the perfect gift for customers or employees to bring us closer to your heart CREATING REAL CONNECTIONS.

They can be specific marketing actions linked to campaigns specials or simply to build loyalty and show that we care. When we add a logo, brand or design of a smart way and in the right gift the association favorable remains in your mind and in your heart. There is no better branding.

Make it Europe - sewing
Make it Europe - Threads
Make it Europe - Blankets
Make ir Europe - Totebag

Stand out from the rest

Choose the material with which we will make your personalized item

Our materials have the highest certifications of responsible and sustainable origin, so that you can boast of an exclusive article and aware of the world.

Recycled Polyester

This fabric is produced from recycled sources, mainly scraps from the polyester or clothing industries, thus contributing to a lower environmental impact in its manufacture. Its characteristics are identical to those of virgin polyester, impermeability, fl exibility and great resistance to wear and temperatures, which makes it the ideal material to use in blankets.

Rpet polyester

RPET polyester, as its name suggests, is made from recycled PET bottles. After a recycling process, which does not involve the extraction of oil, the threads with which the polyester will be made are produced, and with them, ecological and sustainable garments will be woven. It is the preferred option for making towels and rags, since it allows personalization by sublimation on 100% of its surface.

Fairtrade Cotton

Cotton is part of our daily lives, in our clothes, our bags and toiletry bags ... Around 100 million rural households are dedicated to its production and more than 90% of these producers live in developing countries. Fairtrade works with producers, regulating the social aspects of cotton production, ensuring respect for the principles of fair trade. It also contributes to curbing various environmental problems, such as the extensive use of agrochemicals and the waste of water through irrigation systems. In this way, we can conclude that supporting Fairtrade cotton means betting on a more just, sustainable and ecological world.

Recycled Cotton

This fabric is obtained from remains of clothing manufacturing, or already used garments. Most of it comes from post-industrial origin, due to the remains that factories produce and that, otherwise, would be discarded. Recycled cotton is considered one of the most sustainable tectile fibers, since it does not require cultivation soil or large amounts of water for its manufacture. It is an excellent way to dispose of the tons of fabric waste from factories, preventing them from accumulating in landfills. Betting on recycled cotton is betting on the preservation of the environment, and on a responsible use of resources.

Oekotex cotton

The OEKO-TEX certification is a certifi cation focused on the limitation of harmful substances in production. In this way we ensure that our fabrics are chemically safe and free of substances harmful to health.

Tell us about your product and let us take care of the rest

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