Social and environmental commitment

Social and environmental commitment

In a world where people, cultures and organizations are even more connected, companies must be aware of social challenges and must assume their social responsibility. In Goya and for more than 30 years, we have considered these challenges as a fundamental part of our workaday. We collaborate with entities and companies that are committed to improve the human rights and social integration, with a common vision: make the world a better place. We evaluate constantly the social impact of our activity in order to minimize or even stop the adverse effects, and to multiply the positive ones. We provide therefore support for projects that improve human rights, access to health and education for thousands of children in countries high poverty rates. We have chosen a few targets that reflect our social commitment and responsibilities:

Reduce enviromental print

Reduce the environmental print of our products, by using alternative material as such as natural fibers or recycled materials.

Reduce non-reusable products

Reduce the use of non-reusable products.

Sustainable production processes

Develop more sustainable production process.

Social collaboration

Collaborate with institutions and partners to promote social integration and gender equality, providing support to projects and associations that improve human rights.

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We are working everyday to find solutions that stop or minimize the residual waste of our products’ production. We are increasingly using recycled materials such as RPET (plastic which is recycled from water bottles), or natural materials such as wheat fiber (a biodegradable plastic from wheat straw).We also promote the use of organic raw materials, which ensure the traceability of our products as well as support to local producers. That is how we take part in guaranteeing the crop rotation, a technic that reduces the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, and that consequently lead to more sustainable and respectful practices for the natural resources and ecosystem.

We are committed to the use of organic materials and recycled raw materials to minimize environmental impact and make responsible use of resources.

We bet for RPET

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In Goya, we want to improve the workaday of millions of people, which are marginalized of the labor market.In order to do that, we are working with various entities and partners with high social commitment, so we all create opportunities for those people who are not integrated in the labor market. Our providers are also committed to empowering women, as they offer job stability with decent wages and regulated work conditions to women who have been victims of gender violence, or who are in very difficult situations.

We face all kinds of social challenges to fulfill our commitment to create a better world.

Indian Workshops
Educating the children of the future

Another of our very important commitments is providing support to children by developing education and formation. All children should have access to a high-quality education, regardless of their origin, culture or economic conditions. That is why our providers are working on programs against child labor, and promote economic aids for education, grants, and collaborations with several entities that helps to build the future.

Educating the children of the future is the key to reaching a society based on equality, justice and sustainability.

Locally, Goya is collaborating with entities and social institutions to increase social integration for people in difficulty. Two of these entities are:


ATADES is a private non-profit foundation which accompanies people with intellectual disability in their everyday life.They are taking care of more than 3.000 people in Aragon, by working with education centers, leisure centers and residential centers. They also work with the special employment centers that work in industry, agroecology, services or art with a view to enhance the integration of excluded people by education and formation.


UTRILLO is a non-profit foundation, declared of public interest and working with the Aragon Institute of Social Services. Its goal is to integrate people with intellectual disability by developing activities and workshops, and consequently increasing their chance employability in Aragon.